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15.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
Sri Lanka
4.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
9.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute

Cheap international phone calls from India

You are interested in low cost international calls? And also you don't want to be dependent on whereas you are calling from a landline phone or your cell? With our DCalling services you have various possibilities to use the way that fits to you the most. Whether you would like to use VoIP, SIP, Call by Call, Callthrough, Callback or even Webcallback. The charge for worldwide international calls when calling for example from your Indian cell phone start at as little as 6,99 Cent/Minute.

DCalling does not charge you for any extra fees, there are no monthly or minimum costs. You are just paying for the service you accessed. Furthermore, you can decide when and in what range you want to credit your account. Due to the prepaid principle, you will never lose track of your payments. Also it won't be necessary to change your provider or to get a new SIM card. In addition, DCalling offers a text message service where you can send SMS worldwide for 9,9 Cent/each. With reference to DCalling you can even send them free of charge. Get your DCalling account today and sign up without commitment for our exclusive services. You will also get a starting balance of 42 Cent (EUR) in order to test DCalling non-binding.